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From energy prices, trends, ongoing updates on BBBEE legislation, thought leadership and industry events - your CONNECT subscription will keep you up to date with what you really need to know to stay on top of the shifts and changes in the sector that can affect you or your business. We appreciate that our followers and community of subscribers all have demanding schedules, and that is why we prioritise quality over quantity. Avoid the noise, and get sound perspectives from a reliable hub and thought leader in the South African energy industry.

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  • Thought Leadership. Central to PetroCONNECT’s mission as a thought leader in the industry, we offer a sound perspective on the topics and conversations that affect us all through regular blog posts, reports and quality research. 
  • Live Webinars and Videos on trends, news and thought leadership from industry experts and PetroCONNECT’s own directors. 
  • Events. The energy sector is one of constant change. To keep all stakeholders up to date, events are frequently hosted countrywide. 
  • BBBEE and related legislation. With significant legislative changes underway, we provide subscribers with valuable updates on the evolving process of legislative change.
  • Energy Prices and Trends. Impacting both consumers and service station owners alike, we provide current and historical data on the prices of energy and fuel. Additionally, we discuss and forecast external factors known to directly influence pricing.
  • Preferential rates and deals when subscribing – PetroCONNECT offers existing and incoming dealers negotiated rates and exclusive access to select suppliers and strategic partners. 

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