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Lead your team with the right employee relations system

"Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things" - Peter Drucker

The successful management of employee or labour relations is a key priority, especially for business owners of sites in the energy sector. Have you ever experienced an employee file being misfiled or misplaced, warnings not issued correctly, leave forms not filled out or lost and employees not returning to work after leave? Or have you ever employed someone, only to discover that the staff member had been dismissed from a number of institutions before starting work with you, or being issued with awards from the Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC) because you have failed to follow due process in the dismissal of employees? 

It is an unfortunate reality that any employer would have faced these scenarios in their business, often complicated by staff who do not understand the importance of HR administration or compliance with the correct procedures. Over a three year period, My Labour Space has been developed as a "global first of its kind” HR system for employers that prevents all of these unfortunate scenarios. The online HR software solutions and consulting of My Labour Space are exclusive to PetroCONNECT in the energy industry. 

Get the right personnel management support with our online HR system solution

Each registered employer with My Labour Space has access to their own “zone” in which they will be able to view and add their staff files supported by automated procedures to conduct general HR administration, including (amongst others):  

  • A complete starter-pack of all fuel retail industry specific documents, including various contracts of employment, conditions of service, disciplinary procedures and code of conduct that will be updated continuously in-line with the Labour Relations Act. We also advise employers on retrenchment procedures, dismissals, strikes and related events. 

  • Conducting performance assessments, generating file notes, generating uniform issue records, processing of leave forms, issuing of warnings, notices of disciplinary hearings, conducting hearings, generating poor timekeeping and absenteeism records and much more.

  • A text messaging system supports the operation, automatically notifying employees of leave dates, warnings and related communication.  

  • The site supports employers (and their advisors) in providing substantive proof of communication (by email) thereby ensuring the progressive application of discipline.