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Legal Services

Navigating the commercial legal landscape in business can be a daunting experience for even the most astute business owner, especially one that is highly regulated, as is the case within the energy sector. From ensuring that the correct legal structures are put in place at the outset, to structuring your partnership agreement, to negotiating  and drafting every day commercial agreements (such as sale, sureties, loan agreements, leases etc). It is vital that every business owner fully understands this and the legal implications of these agreements and structures and has access to industry specialists who can help guide them through these agreements and processes and give them sound practical, commercial legal advice.

With specific reference to the purchase and sale of sites, PetroCONNECT Legal offers the services of drafting site-specific sale agreements to ensure that both the seller and purchaser are fully protected in the sale process. PetroCONNECT has adopted a legal tracker approach to ensure that the sale process will be concluded within desired time frames and further to ensure that full compliance of the sale agreement is met between both parties.

As part of drafting the sale agreement, PetroCONNECT Legal will in addition attend to drafting of resolutions for both the buyer and seller, submitting Section 34 advertisements to the government gazette as per the Insolvency Act and drafting of all necessary addendums to incorporate any amendments required by both parties.

PetroCONNECT has partnered with commercial and corporate law specialists who understand the industry and the specific issues relevant to business owners in the energy sector.  PetroCONNECT Legal together with these specialists have developed tailor made solutions for business owners, that are a first for the industry and one-of -a-kind.



1. Commercial Agreements
We provide tailored commercial agreements from non- disclosure and confidentiality to leases (commercial and residential) to supply and sale agreements. We also offer site specific Fuel Retail Sale of Business Agreements which include:

- Sale of Business Agreements
- Resolutions drafted in respect of a Sale of Business
- Section 34 of the Insolvency Act, advertisements to be published in the Government Gazette
- Addendums and Reinstatement Agreements to all necessary amendments to the Sale of Business Agreement
2. Start-up, SME’s and Company Registrations.
We help you to get started on the right track and grow your business in a compliant and effective way.  We handle the formalities regarding company registration, name registration, name reservation, director appointments and removals, issue of shares, share register and all the necessary resolutions.
3.  Acquisitions and Disposals
Whether you are looking at acquiring or exiting your business, we can assist by advising you on the right way to do so, with the drafting of an appropriate sale or disposal agreement and will also review and comment on such agreements in the event that one has already been prepared.
4. Legal Consultancy Services (support via phone and email).
We guide you through  the complexity of the legal environment and all areas of your business and strive to provide commercial and practical legal solutions.
5. Partnership, Association,  Shareholder Agreements, Buy & Sell Agreements and MOI’s
If you have partners in your business, you will need an agreement to govern that relationship as well as the relationship between the partners and the business itself. Whether the business is a partnership , Close Corporation or Private Company, we prepare and advise on tailored agreements to suit your, your partners and the business ‘needs.
6. Due Diligence and Risk Management
If you are looking to acquire a new business or company we will make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.
7. Debt Recovery
We monitor, recover and advise on effective and commercial debt recovery solutions to ensure that you business can effectively manage its debt.
8. Alternate Dispute Resolution
The rise of a litigation avoidance culture amongst businesses, the preference for alternative dispute resolution avenues, the increasing cost of litigation, a backlog of cases are just some of the reasons why litigation is becoming a less and less attractive solution.
9. Litigation Support
Litigation  involves dispute resolution by courts and is reserved to attorneys practising as such at law firms. We are however able to advise on litigation avoidance strategies, alternative dispute options and pre litigation steps.
10. Trusts
We handle the formation and registration of all types of trusts, the appointment and removal of trustees and the day to day administration of trusts.
11. Wills & Estate Planning
We help you plan for your and your family's future the right way.