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Back Office Tool Management Services

PetroCONNECT Back Office Systems have been designed to save you time. While most people rely on many spreadsheets and only part of the value chain of controls and checks, these are not the keys to success. PetroCONNECT offers a complete streamlined solution to help empower you to lead. Providing real time, cloud based, accurate information that helps you manage and analyse cash flows and your stock from the pumps to your shops. With PetroCONNECT systems, our goal is to reduce the time you spend doing administration to put you back on your forecourt and on your floor so you can engage with your customers and staff to grow the business. We handle all the Back Office work while you and your Site Manager focus on these areas. Think of PetroCONNECT Back Office as your personal cloud bookkeeper, where we ensure that every client receives the attention and professional service they deserve. The Back Office System is everything that you already do – done simpler, quicker, more accurately and safer than ever before. And that is just the start.

BOT Wheel Infographic Daily Controls, Processes, Management Account Reporting and Analysis Document Storage Solution Independent Review, Financial Statements, Statutory and Taxation Services Stock Audit Solutions Staff Management and Payroll Services

PetroCONNECT Offers the following Back office Management Services Tools:

Daily Controls, Processes, Management Account Reporting and Analysis

Daily Controls, Processes, Management Account Reporting and Analysis


No one service station is alike, and we understand that. Our system is tailored to the unique context of every site or brand. Implementing new systems is no easy task, especially in service stations where the smallest of disruptions can have a big impact on your daily operations. We carefully work with you and your team to implement a system solution at a pace that you are comfortable with.

To name a few of the services included in the offering:

  • Daily off site capturing, reconciling of cashier shifts and End of Day data.
  • Daily Bank statement allocations and reconciliation.
  • Daily cash drop reconciliations ensuring that what is being captured into the PetroCONNECT platform is being banked and reporting discrepancies to the Dealer. Daily notifications are sent to the Dealer on every End of Day, informing on Unbanked Cash and Cards, and shortages.
  • Debtors reconciliations and weekly debtors ageing.
  • Daily creditor reconciliations where we also ensure validity of pay-outs.
  • Off-site daily Sales Analysis and Tracking.
  • Digital storing and archiving of all supplier invoices on our secure cloud platform for easy retrieval when analysing of management accounts or when requested by SARS.
  • VAT reconciliation and preparation of VAT reports in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP) and supporting documents for external review and submission to SARS.
  • A customised PetroCONNECT Tablet which integrates directly into our cloud based system. Invoices and related source documents are scanned via the tablet and uploaded to the cloud sever. These source documents are used for SARS Audit verifications, management account drill down queries by the dealer, and ensuring validity of completeness of your account transactions.


  • Preparation of detailed monthly management accounts including monthly comparative Profit & Loss, and KPI's with budget vs actual variances.
  • Departmental Profit & Loss reporting and analysis.
  • Cash Flow Analysis and related reports.
  • Monthly Management Accounts meetings where we brief the dealer on the financial performance and position for the period under review, discussing expense accounts in detail and according to a budget with special emphasis on GP's.


  • In association with PRP Solutions we have customised a digitised solution to manage various tasks required to be completed in your Service Station.
  • PRP’s Buzz App allows Managers/Supervisors to use the issued tablets to complete various checklists online with real time feedback and accountability.
  • As the dealer you will be able to digitally view the compliance of your Service Station to these tasks and visually verify all information with the photo function.
  • Digital operational inspection checklist to be provided on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, which includes your forecourt and convenience store and employee checklist.
Document Storage Solution

Document Storage Solution

Document storage is a vital part of effective document management. As a thriving business you can’t afford to misplace or lose essential documentation. By law, service stations are required to retain certain records including speed point slips over a specified period of time and without a document archiving system in place paperwork can become overwhelming and uncontrollable.

Our independent document storage facility specialises in providing organised and secure document storage archiving solutions so that you have more time to concentrate on your core business. Documents are systematically filed, by your employees (under our direction) and placed in specially designed storage boxes for safe keeping. Details of each file are captured on our secure database, according to your company’s requirements.

Independent Review, Financial Statements, Statutory and Taxation Services

Independent Review, Financial Statements, Statutory and Taxation Services

Our preferred independent service provider’s services include the preparation of the Annual Financial Statements that have been Independently Reviewed. Being an affiliated service provider to PetroCONNECT, they engage directly with you in order to ensure statutory compliance with the South Africa Revenue Services, Compensation Fund, Companies and Intellectual Property Commission and the relevant Bargaining Councils based on information received from the PetroCONNECT back office management services.

Their Tax Department provides all the necessary services to ensure the business remains tax compliant with timeous Income Tax return submissions.

Our independent service provider has a Management Accounting Department which provides for the review and submission of the statutory reporting to the South African Revenue Service for all PetroCONNECT clients based on Management Accounts provided by PetroCONNECT back office tools management services.


One of the biggest assets and expenses in your service station is your staff. We have developed a system that works for you and integrates back into your management accounts. Through the system you can analyse new trends, get information on staff budgets, optimal staff hours and productivity and compliance. This bespoke offering is geared to you as the Service Station dealer and have various payment options available:

  • PRP will provide you with notifications when staff members have not arrived or not on time for their shifts.
  • PRP’s solution is end to end, dealing with: staff management, rostering, payroll and compliance. All of this flows directly back to our payroll function to produce payslips for each staff member.
  • We have partnered up with PRP Solutions, the experts in biometrics, time and attendance and people productivity to ensure this is tried and tested in a service station.
  • Before the work day starts, staff can even receive a message at no cost to the employee and complete various Covid-19 or other daily staff questionnaires.

PRP should be seen as a contributor to the bottom line rather than a cost.

Stock Audit Solutions

Stock Audit Solutions

Main benefits include:

  • Ensuring all stock is correctly and fairly valued.
  • Ensuring that all stock has been captured correctly on the system.
  • Making certain costing is correct and all items are scanning.
  • Ensuring that the stock is all counted and that there are no discrepancies on the system and if there is a buyer and seller, both parties are comfortable with the stock valuation.
  • Ensuring that a 3rd party is verifying all stock and valuation thereof.
  • Ensuring stock files on the system are correct and monthly audit done to ensure accuracy of values used.
  • Training of staff on best practices of merchandising and also on goods receiving procedures.
  • Identification of areas within the store where more or less theft is being experienced and monitoring of these hot spot areas.
Staff Management and Payroll Services

Staff Management and Payroll Services

Our preferred independent service provider’s for the financial statements includes a Payroll Department which provides a full Payroll service from processing of weekly wages / monthly salaries to the final statutory reporting and submission to the South African Revenue Service.

  • Payroll is run once a week through our 3rd party payment service provider ensuring that payments are dispersed directly to all staff members at the same time.
  • MIBCO, PAYE, UIF and SDL reconciliations are done in line with payroll and the time and attendance system.