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Sustainable Transformation Solutions

Transformation is an opportunity, not a threat.

The South African energy sector is undergoing significant and exciting change. With the fuel retail industry being at the forefront of that change with the introduction of the Liquid Petroleum Sector Codes which are currently underway, dealers and owners are seeking guidance, perspective and solutions. PetroCONNECT celebrates industry transformation and believes in the goal of inclusive ownership as a business opportunity rather than a threat. We share that vision by being committed to demystifying some of the misperceptions around BBBEE, and by sharing our experience, insights and balanced perspectives to help educate industry players on how BBBEE and Transformation can benefit all. We've partnered with experts who are highly knowledgeable about the new sector codes, compliance, scorecard requirements and the unique challenges faced by dealers in the industry.

BBBEE Demystified

As a thought leader in the energy industry, we offer a balanced perspective on BBBEE. We have exceptional consultants on our team who have experience in working on transformation solutions in the energy sector, and who can guide dealers in developing their future business strategy.

 Our solutions include:

  • Connecting dealers with the right equity investors or strategies. 
  • Buyers include able and informed candidates from PetroCONNECT Academy. Click here.
  • An evaluation of your existing business and current state of compliance.
  • Projecting BBBEE solutions based on unique scenarios.
  • Offering a clear, realistic and implementable strategy for a win-win business solution.
  • A balanced perspective focused on sustainability.